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What are we all about?

A thriving art community in Wellington

Talent Gallery is an art gallery that showcases some truly amazing local artists. We offer a wide range of art to view and buy. Our space is open to all, we want everyone to experience the joy of art.

We are one community, a community of artists and customers alike. We love sharing our passion of art with as many people as possible as we know that owning something bespoke can be extremely rewarding. When you buy from Talent Gallery, you're supporting local artists to keep producing their work.

The heart of art in Wellington ❤


Nina's story

by Talent Gallery owner, Nina King

I have been described as ‘The Artist who saved the Talent Gallery from closing down’. I did this because I became overwhelmed by a feeling that I should take it on. The feeling was so strong that I couldn’t even finish my lunch! I almost sprinted there to see Nico (the previous gallery owner) to find out if he had had any offers to take it on.


Luckily, here I am a few months later, and all is going to plan (well, a loose, make-it-up-as-you-go-along type of plan)!

I have been excited and terrified – sometimes both at the same time. I have never run a gallery before (and had never considered it even), and I have only been painting for 6 years. Talent Gallery is the only gallery I have ever exhibited in. I haven’t been to art college, I don’t know anything about art history- but I do love art, and I am willing to learn if I need to.

With a bit of thought, some YouTube videos, and lots of help from my family, fellow artists and Nico himself, my ideas are really taking shape. I feel happy and excited about having this amazing opportunity and hopefully we will all have a successful happy ever after story.

Thanks so much for all of your support. I look forward to seeing you all at the new Talent Gallery. Nina x

Nina King art
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